Suzan Fulop


Pilates for athletes

Athletes all over the world have been using Pilates to excel in all sorts of sports. With an emphasis on core stabilisation and postural awareness, regular Pilates practice builds on your movement efficiency – so you can run, jump, kick and throw your way to improved performance.

 So how does Pilates make you a more efficient athlete, how does it work its magic? What even is movement efficiency?

Movement efficiency is simply all muscles within the body coordinating effectively in a balanced way. Muscles performing the roles they’re optimally designed to do, minimal compensations. The best athletes are the best movers.

Our posture is dynamic, we move into and out of positions when playing sport all the time, which is great, we want that. But it can also be chaotic. And not managing your movement well can lead to injuries, or even performance leaks because you’re not moving or applying force optimally.

Joseph Pilates was a big believer in being able to consciously control all muscular movement within the body. Pilates teaches you that awareness. It teaches you what efficient postural alignment should feel like.

I coach many sprinters, and having my athletes sprint with good pelvic positioning and body alignment can be a challenge. Especially these days where people move a lot less than they used to. Its eye opening to see so many people struggle with being able to consciously control the tilt of their pelvis and overall postural alignment when moving dynamically. Fortunately, Pilates has helped many of my athletes with this.

So if you’re an athlete who wants to gain an edge on the competition, improve your performance and mitigate injuries, think about giving Pilates a go.